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The History of Jaipur was enriched with a Golden Page When in the Year 1735 Thakur Shri Radha-Govind Devji Maharaj Enshrined in Jai Niwas Gardens ( Mandir Shri Govind Devji Maharaj ). .......The Divine Delight of HIS Presence and The Perennial Fountain of Spritual Solace started Gliding Across the Atmosphere !! AND IT WAS ALSO BEGINING OF A NEW ERA; The Kachhwaha Dynasty of the Rulers of Erstwhile Amer Kingdom who laid the foundation of JAIPUR, The Pink City of India, SUBMITTED THEMSELVES To The Lotus Feet Of Thakur GOVIND DEVJI Maharaj. They Acclaimed GOVIND As The Sovereign King Of This Kingdom And surrendered themselves as the subservient courtiers to HIM. King Raja Sawai Jaisingh got inscribed in his Sovereign Seal "Shri Govinddev Charan, Sawai Jaisingh Sharan".

Mandir history

The news of Manifestation of Lord Govind Devji to Shri Roop Goswami was immediately sent to CHAITANYA MAHAPRABHUJI (GAURANG MAHAPRABHU) in Nilachal at Orrissa so that He should come to Vrindaban. However, Due to his illness, Mahaprabhuji made a small image of eight metals (Ashtadhatu) depicting himself for the purpose of Getting 'Darshana' and injected his Divine Power into the image. He sent this image of him with his closely trusted & beloved Shriman Kashishwar Pandit Mahodaya to Vrindaban. The Image was given a holy bath (Abhishek) and was placed on the Right of Lord Govind Devji. It gained the name of Thakur Shri Gaur Govind . It is believed that thereafter in a span of a year Mahaprabhuji entered inside the temple of Lord JAGANNATHJI in Puri enchanting the Harinam Sankirtan AND merged his being into the Divinity.

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