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Khatushyam world worships in the name of the donator of head khatu Potr of the Mahabharata Pandava Mahabali Bhima and Ghatotkacha and mother Morwi (Kamktnkta) Barbarika heroic son of the losers with the words of his mother Morwi fulfill its Lord Krishna then gave mother Morwi Barbarika heroic charity has demanded his head. The heroic Barbarika head happily donated to Lord Sri Krishna. Lord Sri Krishna happy with this great and heroic sacrifice Barbarika Sheesh gifts of the world in Kaliyuga it you in my name the house and you will complete all wishes. Shyam Khatu today with all of his devotees Wishes completes. Khatu Shyam Baba devotees from abroad to come to visit. Shyam Baba is Cdate Dhavja mark

Mandir history

Follows the story of Mr Khatu Shyam ji. Here you will see what kind of Leila's arguments Khatushyam his head near the temple to be descended from the black hole. Hail your Khatushyam Khatwa City (Khatu Dham) in which a cow was grazing Miik, Milk was standing on a section of land. Swata milk from her under, such as the edge of the stream was a heck of a land in the mother's milk is that cows. After coming home when his boss try cow milk cow's dont give milk, so does try to find reason but he could not find. It lasted very much the order. Bossy boss thought that there's someone who takes out his cow's milk, One day the owner of the cow followed. At the time of the evening when she saw the look in his eyes, the miracle was baffled. Mother's milk cow within myself gripped defeats. Rajan village with astounding bossy boss and went to tell the whole story. King and cow's owner was not sure of at this point at all. At the end of the king wanted to know what's wrong. King defeats came at him with some of his minister and the owner is right, he saw the cow He said some people to dig that part of the land. was the only part of the land dug the earth cried, "Oh slowly dig, here is my head," came the same night the king Rajan dream now is the time to be incarnated in my head. I mene Mahabharata Lord Krishna Veer Barbarika and consequently I have donated my head in Kaliyuga is blessed to be venerable, digging the earth to get my head and you will have to create my Khatushyam temple. So the dream of the king woke up this morning with a mind made Deep beginning again and soon Mr Shyam Dev Head of Kaliyuga been sent down to the earth.

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06:30 PM-08:30 PM Sandhya Aarti
09:00 PM-10:00 PM Shyan Aarti


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