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The idol of Hanuman Ji is very rare. It is 5 1/2' high and 3 1/4' wide. The idol is washed with Vermillion paste making it vermillion colored. This is called "Chola" or covering. The deity is South facing. The Shikhar (pinnacle) of the temple is raised spiracle to a height of 25 feet. A gold polished copper Kalash is at the pinnacle. On the walls of the Shikhar , there are sixteen engraved pictures with themes from the Ramacharita Manasa. On the ceiling is Rama Panchayat i.e. Ram and Sita seated on the Royal throne with three brothers attending on them and Hanuman at service. Locationwise the temple draws huge crowds of devotees. Specially on Tuesday and Saturdays devotees visit the temple in large numbers.

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The Maharaja had strong leanings towards the spread of Bhakti cult specially that of HanumanJi, the God of power, wisdom and help in pain. Here the devotees can have the God's darshan and offer their prayers

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