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Agroha Dham the source of Agarwals was pressed as a village for a long time. The land was calling out to his sons and saying you have played an important role in the development of the country. Wherever you have gone, wherever you have settled, you have received the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Now the time has come you see me also my resurrection and rebuilding. In 1883 Bharatendu Babu Harishchandra wrote this book in the book Origen of Agarwals and gave the attention of Agarwals to Agroha his birth place and said that Agresen is the only person who is the our father. And after that the lamp of Agarkul was addressed in the name of Swami Brahmananda, which was later addressed by Swami Brahmananda. Swami Brahmananda roamed the place and filled the feeling in the Agarwala that we should rebuild his holy land Agroha and give it glory. On 12 October, 1975, a group of leading Agarwals captives reached Agroha in the connivance of social worker Tilak Raj Ji Agrawal and surveyed that mound of Agroha and also selected the land which was to be developed as a pilgrimage. On September 24, 1976, 25(Twentyfive) Paise postal stamp of "Maharaja Agarseen" was released by the Government of India, which was redeemed by the then President of Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi. A total of 80 lakh tickets were issued by the Government of India. On 29 September 1976, under the aegis of 'Agroha Vikas Trust', land purification, yagya and shilanyas were taken for the construction of Agroha Dham. In the month of May 1977, the construction of Agroha Dham was started, under which the construction of the first Dharmshala was started. 22 rooms were constructed in this Dharamsala which was completed in 1980. On the February 1, 1979, (Basant Panchami) the work of the construction of the Maharaja Agrasen Temple was started. It was inaugurated on October 31, 1982, when the house of Maharaja Agarsen ji was built as a womb house. In which Program Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Bhajan Lal Ji and Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi also attended. In 1983, the construction of the temple of Goddess Maha Lakshmi was Started which was completed in 1985. On October 28, 1985, Sharad Purnima was honored with the statue of Maha Lakshmi in Maha Lakshmi's temple. In 1985, the construction of "Shakti Sarovar" was started. a plan to connect the power tank through the main canal flowing at a distance of three kilometers to bring water to the Sarovar through the pucca drain. The magnificent sea churning table was also constructed in the lake. On October 18, 1986, the "Shakti Sarovar" was filled with water to the main canal and water was loaded with 41 Holy rivers added to this lake. Later 68 rooms were constructed on the lake. In 1986, the land behind Shakti Sarovar was purchased for the Agroha Vikas Trust. In 1987, publication of a monthly magazine "Agroha Dham" was started. The second museum of Dwarikapuri in the Dham Campus was opened by Swarananand ji Maharaj on 24-4-2005, inaugurated by Swami Zaikiyah of more than 20 Leelas. On 20-5-1996 the foundation stone of "Brijwasi Guest Planet" was done by the tax collector of Shri Sharananand ji Maharaj and completed in a year's time and was inaugurated on 22-4-1997. The building of Shiva temple was inaugurated on 20-4-1997 by the huge Hanuman ji statue.

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Thus, the birth of Agroha, the birthplace of Agrawals is growing steadily and rapidly. Today Agroha has become synonymous with the fifth dham by becoming a totally Ramanic site. In Agroha goddess Maha Lakshmi, promoter Maharaja Sri Agrasen ji, the idol of the huge 90-foot Hight Hanuman ji, the huge dharamshala, the dining room, the construction of 22 rooms on the first floor, the main gate of Agroha Dham on which the teachings of Lord Shri Krishna's Gita And Maharaja Agarseenji's Martia attracts everyone, and the statue of Ganga and Yamuna Maiya, a huge satsang hall of 120-ft or 160 ft which includes 5000 Persons in a time was built, the temple of Saraswati, three huge gagan chumbi peak, whose height is 180 ft, in which the famous pilgrimage places of India such as Vaishnove Devi, Tirupati Balaji, Ageshwar Mahadev, Bhairon Baba, Aknani Baba Amarnath, Dwarkhandi's Jhankia , Appu house, and Swachi Ras Mandal's Zakiaa, Rameshwar Dam Temple, Agrasena Madhavi Bhawan, Maha Sati Shila Mata Ka The temple is attracting every visitor to Agroha.

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