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The Divine Structure of the Tirumala Main Temple Lord Sri Venkateswara, also known as Srinivasa, Balaji, and Veṅkaṭachalapati, made Tirumala his abode five thousand years ago. Even before him, it was Lord Varahaswami who had made Tirumala his abode. Since then, many devotees have continued to construct grand entrances on the ramparts of the temple over generations. The temple complex is spread over 16.2 acres of land. Sri Bhu Varah Swami Temple In Tirumala, the East facing Sri Varahaswami temple is located in the North West corner of the temple tank - Swami Pushkarini. As per the temple legend, Lord Srinivasa sought a gift of land from Sri Varahaswami, which he readily granted. In return, Srinivasa provided him with an agreement deed assuring that he would be paid the first darshan, worship and offerings by all the devotees visiting the temple. This tradition is in practise to this day at Tirumala and Lord Varahaswami continues to receive the age old traditional worship. Even today, all offerings are first made to Lord Varahaswami and then to Lord Sri Venkateswara.

Mandir history

The height of the main entrance has been increased periodically since 13th century. Its present height is fifty feet. This entrance has other names such as ‘Padivaakili’ and ‘Simhadwaram’.In Tamil it is called ‘Periya Thiruvasal’. On either side of this main entrance there are two feet high statues made of alloy metal (Pancha loha). They are Sankanidhi and Padmanidhi who are the guardians of ‘Navanidhi’, the treasure of Lord Sri Venkateswara. The Maha Dwaram comprises three consecutive entrances – the first is a brass one, while the second is a silver one. The third entrance is a golden one. Ten feet to the south of the flagstaff, there is another stone pillared pavilion called Tirumalaraya Mandapam. This was built by Saluvanarasimharayalu, the emperor of Vijayanagara, to express his gratitude to the Lord for the help extended towards his victories.

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Time Activity
02:30 AM- 03:00 AM Suprabhata Seva
03:30 AM-04:00 AM Thomala Seva
04:00 AM-04:15 AM Koluvu and Panchanga Sravanam
04:00 AM-04:15 AM Koluvu and Panchanga Sravanam
04:15 AM-05:00 AM Sahasranama Archana
05:30 AM-06:30 AM Visesha Puja
07:00 AM-05:00 PM Sarva Darshanam
05:30 PM-06:30 PM Sahasra Deepalankarana Seva
07:00 PM-08:00 PM Suddhi, Night Kainkaryams
08:00 PM-01:00 AM Sarvadarsanam
01:00 AM-01:30 AM Ekaanta Seva


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