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The first planned city of India, Jaipur, achieved great fame not only because of fortified walls and monuments but also the landscape is titled with numerous recognized temples. Chhoti Kashi is also an alternate name give to pink city because of the diverse temples and religious places. One such temple is Khole Ke Hanuman Ji.

Mandir history

The disciple of Lord Rama, a Hindu deity, a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion. I guess no more explanation is required for Lord Hanuman. Khole Ke Hanuman Ji is a temple of almighty Lord Hanuman situated at Laxman Dungri, Delhi bypass, Jaipur. The temple is entitled as famous and one of the ancient temple of Rajasthan. From past years, this temple has developed a slathers and is recognized in many parts of India. The temple is not only denominated as the tourist destination, but also numerous individuals from all over India come to visit this integral part of Indian tradition. Individuals from rich to poor are enriched by the amazement and faith of the temple, not because of the beauty of the temple but the faith and belief once carry in their heart towards the almighty. As they say: a temple is not a temple because of the artistry but by the faith and beliefs one carry towards the almighty lord.

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